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Two weeks ago hubby fell down from the ladder. He came home really battered, the first word he say is "honey I am so sore". I immediately checked him if there are broken bones but he felt their was none though. He thought he might bruised or cracked some bones but not broken. I've been telling him not to climb ladder because once we fell down, that's it, we gonna feel it forever and that is not good.
The night he fell down he had a hard time sleeping, I knew he was not comfortable of our bed and also his ribs and shoulder is hurting him. He ended up sleeping on the couch and the next day his daughter came because he knew what happened. I told my step-daughter that DH didn't have a good sleep last night. She figure it out immediately that maybe our bed is not that soft to lay down specially with my DH case. She called immediately her husband to bring their new Organic Mattresses to our house. DH didn't like the idea, hmmm he feels ashamed I guess hehe, but what the heck I want him to feel comfortable at night. When the Organic Mattresses came I could say it was really comfortable gush how I wish this mattress will stay with us forever. 
Anyhow, they put the mattress on top and I told my step-daughter how cool is that, that we could already find an Eco Friendly Mattresses online and deliver us right on our door step. I am so glad that my step daughter is so kind enough because that night DH had a good sleep. As I was observing him the whole night he didn't toss and turn he was just sleeping like a baby. 


sewa mobil said…
I can say is be careful if you go up and down the stairs because of slippery

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