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Last week, we had a very good day it is all sunny. Today, I woke up with the sun is already up! It is an uplifting feeling to see the sun is shining and the sky is clear and blue. Though we still have snow on the ground but if the temperature is above freezing it will melt away quick.  Looking back, the snow storm hit hard on the East Coast most of the time. I watched the news and one time the roof of these house collapse because of the heavy snow. I was horrified by what I saw thinking that what if it would happen to us too? Though some people has a home insurance but the experienced is terrifying. 
I remember that time when the East Coast had a snow storm a friend of mine called me from Massachusetts telling me that they had snow too. The thing is that her husband is not home and she and her son are just alone in the house. She does watched the news all the time to know what is going on. I asked her if they had car or home insurance and she said NO! My eyes popped out, but she told me her and her husband were looking an Auto Insurance Franklin, MA and a Homeowners Insurance Franklin, MA because they do live by there. This time and with our economy they are looking for a great deal that they could also afford. With what she experienced she is determined to get an Insurance Franklin, MA.
Sometimes, we just overlooked some important things in life. Having an insurance is one of the important because we don't know of what gonna happen to us. By having insurances our mind is at peace.


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