Two vanities needed

Yup you read it right in our bathroom I need double sink bathroom vanity as in asap!  When hubby and his son renovated our bathroom I just didn't mind what they are doing. Hubby went to buy a one sink vanity for our big bathroom and I didn't say anything. As the days go buy I found out that it is kind of a hassle because while he is doing his thing I have to wait for him. And I know people knew how many minutes does a woman stay in front of the mirror, as in almost an hour?? Could be for some but me just few minutes but waiting for my turn is a bummer.
I so then realize that a one sink doesn't worked best for us. I started to ask hubby to change it and look for something nice but of course affordable. I was the one who painted the whole bathroom and it turns good, and for that I am so proud of myself but when I look at the single sink it makes me rolled my eyes. I didn't knew or I  am just naive then that a bathroom vanities is very important and that women should be included in every decision that is being made in any renovation men would undergo ^_^. Now I am set that I am going to change our one sink to double sink bathroom vanity then we would not bump each other as we fix ourselves everyday. ^_^


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