Patio makeover

Yesterday as I was driving going to my SIL's house I saw many for sale signs along the road and some are really nice house I almost wanting to stopped and take a peak inside but I know it is not safe doing that alone. Hubby and I were talking about selling part of our acreage but with the economy for now it looks like we don't get much for what we want. So opted to just let some years pass by and if the economy will start to boom then I guess it is the time for us to sell some of our land property.
And because owning a new house won't materialize at this time I suggested DH that we are going to have a patio makeover and put an outdoor furniture. As a woman we like to see our house look nice inside and out right? I point out to him how big I wanted for a patio and what we will put in our patio. I think hubby knew I really wanted change because he sees me I am so serious about this make over per se I already showing him pictures of what kind of outdoor patio furniture I would love to have.And this one blown my heart away LOL!! Because we can put a fire in the middle which is very conducive here in MI since sometimes our summer night is a bit chilly. So I am set to take this one once and for all. ^_^


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