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Last December my BIL's granddaughter finished 4 year degree in nursing with flying colors. In her thank you speech she was thankful to her parents who supported her along the way, and also was very thankful of her grandparents who bought her the textbooks. That for every body to know is most costly than the tuition fee lol! Anyhow, as she came back to our table we started to chat and I started to asked her many questions. Why? Because I am planning to enroll in nursing and I am gauging if I can afford the textbooks! Well she told me that because of the monetary help from her grandparents she knew where to get a cheap college textbooks, as we all know students do love to refer and talked about who to look and where to find cheap textbooks. So instead of buying a brand new college textbooks she choose to buy used college textbooks
 And her decision turned out 100% okey. Because she has extra money for some other things to buy like paraphernalia's and other things that are needed for her study. When we went home after that dinner, I told hubby I doubt it if I could afford the textbooks it is so darn expensive. Hubby just laugh at me and he told me to just sleep and think it the next day. Well he was right the next day I forgot about my thoughts about enrolling in nursing but I have another plan but will divulge it next time I am online ciao!


thisjustin said…
To combat high textbook prices I always use http:/www.bigwords.com They are a textbook search engine that searches all the online textbook retailers (including amazon, half, ebay etc) and rental sites (including chegg, bookrenter etc) to find you the best prices. You can even use them at the end of the semester to search for resellers to sell your books to.

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