Home office..

Our house is not that huge. We only have two rooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms. But with my plan and design lol I could squeeze in a home office. Hubby is too lazy to help with me so when the time comes that he need to buy a big but cheap office furniture he is agreeing to me now that we need a home office for our stuff. Aside from that our lateral file cabinets are crashing. I could hardly closed it. One time hubby was looking of something and I told him to checked the last cabinet. I heard a loud crash and to my surprised the cabinet just tumbled down, thankfully  I didn't get pissed off but I was laughing and laughing hubby just wondered why I did laughed hahaha. Remembering that moment makes me smile it was just funny. I still could see  the surprised face of my DH hahaha if only I had a camera at that time his reaction is worth millions lol!!
I didn't blame him for not getting what I wished for. But I told him and enumerated him how important to have our own home office. I was thinking he might have doubt we might spend a lot of money for that project but I told him this days we could find a lot of option if we knew where to look just like where to find an office supply store that is cheap. Options is everywhere that is why we like to live here in the US! ^_^ 


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