Taking charge..

This morning I went to my sister in law's house to get the dish that I left behind last Saturday night. As I drove going to her place I passed so many for sale signs along the way. I almost wanted to stopped by because some houses are just pretty but I don't know inside if it is still nice. I heard so many stories that some home-owners left their house with so much repairs to be made. I don't know if they tear down some walls intentionally or the inside of the house are already like old and rotten. Anyway, because of the economy here in Michigan many left the state and look for some greener pasture in another state. But the thing with many people either if you are in another state or within your state if you buy a house we/ they don't know if there is a home warranties that exist. Does anybody dare to ask that? I don't think so. We are thankful my daughter in law and my DH granddaughter are in real estate and they knew about all this things.
They said that it is really necessary to know what we should know and it is not wrong to ask, rather than just be surprise of what to face next. Real estate appraisal and home inspection services are a must to learn specially if hubby and I will decide if we buy a new house. I am excited if our plan will gonna come true. I have an eye to his particular house for a year now. And every time I passed this house I slowed down and really twist and turn my head just to take a glimpse of their front yard and the facade of the house. I could say it's my dream house and I hope my wish will gonna come true! ^_^


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