Steaks forever

I remember too well almost every dinner time we ate beef all the time. Hubby and his family loves it and I who came from the Philippines, who is not a meat eater tried to love it. Then as the days go by I came to realized that I do love it so much that I like to know how to cooked a good steak. In the course of our conversation as I asked many questions about American dish, it came to my mind how to know if the beef is tender or not. They were laughing at me because I am so serious about it lol! Well then I knew the secret of my sister in law, she says that she buy steaks online not at the grocery store.  I was like oh okey so that is the secret huh?? But she continued to say that she has preference of what kind of beef she ordered online, she said it has to be kobe beef.

Oh gush, I told her isn't it expensive? As far as I could remember a kobe beef comes from Korea and that's the best beef ever! She just answers me " if you like to have excellent beef that's the one that I will order". This morning I was thinking of what kind of gift I would give to my hubby. And I remember steaks by mail, yup I would order online for this event. I know he will flip for joy and amaze of what is inside the box ^_^ 


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