Reunion this summer

When we went to Kentucky last week, the daughters and sons of my brother in law were planning about a big reunion this coming summer here in the farm. Well the call our place the farm because this is where their grandparents live and the old house is still here. Knowing it I know it will be a blast. Because my DH's family is massive as in until now kids keep coming and many are not yet married so this summer will be a fun lol! My SIL already plan to buy an outdoor furniture because for sure the adults would definitely love to stay outside and enjoy the Michigan weather.
The eldest daughter of BIL told us not to worry where they sleep because they are going to bring a tent hahaha!! My husband said they can stay at the corn crib lol!! Well our corn crib is close with windows and doors and it is more safe than a tent. Aside from the outdoor furniture seating that my SIL is eyeing to buy she is planning to get a wicker furniture because her son will put up an above ground pool and a wicker furniture is great for that.  Although summer is not here yet but it feels like everybody is preparing for that big event already. I hope we have a great summer this year unlike last year that it is cold and always rain.


Napakaganda naman nang template mo, very impressive. Hope everything is fine there and you are all in good health and condition. Hindi naman sana kayo tinamaan nang malakas na pag snow. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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