Just got married!

A friend of mine from my hometown in the Philippines just got married last week. I knew it just the other day because I saw their picture in another site. She called me last week but since I was so busy, my laptop crashed, my DH Uncle died I just forgot to return the call gush!
Anyway, today our weather was so nice. I went outside walked around the house got the mails and went back outside the house since it is not that comfortable it is still cold. Good timing as I came in I heard the phone ring I run towards it and it was my friend Mycah on the other line. Mycah lives in California together with her husband and one year old daughter. Like any friend who didn't talked for awhile we were like kids laughing and teasing each other. I asked her how it feels to be a wife now, she says it was fun and great but of course it entails a lot of responsibility too. She says that her husband started to look at the California Insurance Finder for their health insurance. My friend is so thankful that his husband is very responsible enough that he provide everything for her and their daughter. She says that for now they are trying to find California Group Health Insurance and California Kids Health Insurance very appealing since she knew they are a growing family. In fact her husband like to have another child and he is wishing that it would be a boy ^_^. I was teasing to my friend to make his wished come true anyway they are still young and they can make it anytime they wanted to lol! I am happy for my friend because at last she found a good person to be her love for life.


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