I so love jewelry I think most but not all women do love jewelries. One time hubby asked me if I love jewelry I answered him "not much" lol! Well he later found out that "not much" answer is "a lot"!! ^_^ Anyway, that was the time when hubby and I chatted online and getting to know each other stage. Now we've been married for almost 6 years and I knew him for almost 9 years we both knew each other's likes and dislikes. Every time we go to the mall I am always drawn to jewelry showcases, yup sometimes hubby joke me by covering my eyes when we passed a jewelry store. I just love to look at it and wonder the designs and how beautiful it is to have them with me ^_^. Sometimes if I stayed almost forever in one store hopping from one jewelry showcases to another, hubby will tell me to just buy one and gonna go ^_^  That is the signal that I waited for then so off we go but I already had something with me already ^_^.


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