Wanna golf

Today I felt that hubby is not in his usual self ^_^ so I asked him what is going on, he just answered it's already kind of tiring to not to do anything outside. You see my DH loves to do work in his pole barn or he likes to play golf. Now with this kind of weather all the golf course are close I guess we have one here in Pontiac that is enclosed but I am not that sure though. Snow continued to fall down and it would be two more months to enjoy the weather outside.  So I told him his son said something about  Myrtle Beach Golf packages online and if we want to avail Myrtle Beach Golf vacations right away we must call for reservation. I immediately notice the change of  demeanor on my DH, his eyes lit up and I see the smile on his face. Poor guy for how many months now he haven't had played golf.
So I decided to check online  Myrtle Beach Golf is awesome just like what my step son told us! Just by looking at the pictures it makes my heart lift a bit ^_^. Compare to what we've got here in MI were all the ground are covered with white and the trees are naked brown, in Golf Myrtle Beach the grasses are green and trees too. I for myself can't wait to go down south what ever it takes I love to be there at this time and weather. I know hubby is also waiting for this time and I know he is so excited because he himself heard good stories from his son and daughter who have been there. Now I am looking forward to a long trip but when we get to our destination it would be awesome!!


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