Denver, Colorado

If somebody would ask you, give me your top 20 state that you like to visit what is your answer? Me? Definitely I would answer Denver Colorado!!! Yup that is one of the states here in US that I would love to visit. I heard so many good stuff that every time the name is popped out my eyes will definitely lit up. ^_^
Now, why is that so? Because my step-son and his wife went there last year and when they get back I saw many pictures and I so love it. You see I love photography and I knew Denver Colorado has a lot to offer even beyond my expectation. My step-grandson just came home from Colorado and he enjoyed his stay there. He is into skiing and he says that it was great out there. Talking back to my step-son and his wife vacation there last year, basing on their  picture they had a lot of fun.  There was one picture of them that  they saw more than 20 deers how awesome is that!!  The mountains are covered with snow but the trees are so regally tall and high. I knew I will visit that state someday!! Mark my word!! ^_^


                                       Why won't the counter viewpoint push my apparent sketch?  


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