Searching the net

Until now my laptop is out of touch in other words it's still in the computer repair shop. This morning hubby called the computer shop owner and asked him what's going on with my laptop and he says that something is going on with the mother board and he says it is better to buy a new one and spend money for repairs. He was really a good computer shop owner for the fact that he won't gave you false hope or suck you up with your hard earned money by telling you to get this or that. And in the end you pay them a staggering amount of money you thought you'd better buy a new one. For now I am excited to get a new laptop but thinking of what I am going to get. I don't need a super duper high tech laptop though. We already have a high speed internet provider, what I need is just a high memory. And besides from having a high speed internet provider I already used megaupload search which I do love because it is fast and accurate.  Right now I am using my DH's  computer and he is fascinated because he found out that I loved to search the internet aside from blogging. I told him that is why I love to have my laptop soon because I felt I am out of this world anymore ^_^.


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