Argentina resorts...

February 2 was the ground hog day and it says that we still have more weeks to spend much of winter and because of that it's not time yet to put away our winter clothes not that soon ^_^. Last night we went to Flint to visit my SIL and we passed by a ski resort. Just by the look of it from the road it does feel really nice to be up there ^_^. I immediately told hubby about it and he says that he can let me go up there and learned how to ski but I would be alone he isn't like skiing. I was a little dismayed about it but I told him what about if we gonna ski in Argentina? He says Argentina? You mean the country? Hahaha I was laughing out loud because he was so surprised about my suggestion. I said yes of course, and I added to tell him about all the beautiful Argentina ski resorts and he asked me that makes me laugh, he says do they have snow down there? I said oh yes, that is why we have to visit and see Cerro Catedral Ski Resort and Cerro Chapelco because I find these two places amazing for skiing.
Knowing DH he never say yes immediately and raises my high hopes but he only keep silent and look at it on the internet and all of a sudden to my surprise we are already set to go, that's him. I am so fascinated with ski resorts and white mountains all around it. Because it makes me feel rich ^_^.


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