Buy out

My DH's uncle died last Tuesday and hubby who is a close to him is kind of sad it's his last Uncle from his father's side who were left behind and now he is gone. That day when he received the news I saw him shed tears and he was there in front of the fireplace just staring and as I was watching him at the back (he didn't knew I am watching) I saw him twice wiping his tears. So I decided to just left him alone. His Uncle is  a retired military doing his country duty in World War 11 and when he first meet me and he knew that I came from the Philippines he was so happy to tell me that his assignment was in India and that there was a time when they had a stopped over in the Philippines once. Memories makes us sad and for sure we gonna missed him. 
Last night, was the first scheduled vigil and since DH's uncle is in military I saw many retired military people there too from his circle of friends, neighbors, friends and relatives. My DH's family is huge as in I am at a lost of names and faces I thought I knew them all but every time there is a gathering like this new names and faces just popped out ^_^. Well, last night I heard people talking about military pension buy out, firefighter pension buy out, police pension buy out I just listened intently to what they are talking about. It was really good they are discussing with so much gusto and how they gonna get it or how it gonna help them. Later, that night many got an idea that somehow they are going to get it and just enjoy life.  Life is so short to feel not happy.


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