NFR tickets

My DH youngest son is going to get married this coming May. Him and his soon to be wife is into horses in fact in summer time hubby is the one who is very busy bailing hays for their horses. And because they are both into horses hubby and I is thinking what to give for a gift on their wedding.  We were discussing so many options and it dawned on me, what if we gonna give them an NFR Tickets? Hubby was puzzled about what I am talking into. I told him it is about the National Finals Rodeo this coming December 2010!! It didn't take a meli-second for hubby to understand what is NFR Tickets all about and he added, he likes to see that one too, geez!! So I told him well we are thinking about giving it to his son but if he really likes to see then we will just arrange and get the ticket in the right time. But first our priority for now is to his son's gift.
I told hubby the other day I do love to ride a horse one of this days. Because for so many years now he just keep on promising me he will bring me to a horse farm. Now I am certain I will do it this year. I was looking at the ticket price today well it is not that bad at all. To see this kind of event is already an opportunity. For now we knew what to give for his son and I agree to it too.


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