Auto air-conditioning

Last summer, hubby found out that our suburban's air conditioning doesn't work. I remember we went to up north and it was kind of humid and hot I turned on the air conditioning and what comes out is a hot air. Hubby was laughing at me because my reaction he told me was funny. I asked him to fixed it, I didn't realize that even if we live here in a cold place but still we need an auto air conditioning well not for winter, fall or spring but in summer. Though I can live with out it because I can open the window and voila I can get a fresh air while in mobile but if somebody is with you like kids or friends it is kind of shameful if we don't have an air condition in our car.
That's why today I reminded hubby about our suburban's problem and thankfully he agreed to me to see a repair shop and hopefully it would be fix soon. I can't wait for spring and summer to come. I don't mind if it would be humid or hot whatever it takes as long as I can go around parks and town to see beautiful flowers and scenery. That I missed so much for now.


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