Aquarium at school

Remember when I went to step-grandson school to watched the spelling bee contest? Well, it was my first time to visit in that particular school. When I get in what you can see first is their huge aquarium. I was drawn to it immediately because they got a live coral and the fish are just colorful. I took a picture and the kids started to swarmed in they think I am a professional photographer lol! Thankfully my step-grandson stepped in and told the other kids that I am his step-grandma ^_^. Oh well, I don't mind surrounded by kids I love it though at least I could start asking them what are the names of the fish that are inside their aquarium. And what kind of plants they put inside and what food they feed. That would be fun though huh. So next time I will visit that school I still do the same thing take a look to there aquarium and then start taking pictures ^_^


Garfield said…
How cool! I just bought a tank and have been getting it ready for fish! I'm in need of some coral. This looks like a pretty good site for it. Does anyone have any experience with them?

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