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Yesterday as I was sorting our mails, our car and house insurance bills came. When I see bills like this sometimes you feel you don't like to pay ^_^. But what can we do here in the US we really have to pay our car and house insurance. So many people are laid off from their work and I just wonder where can they get money to pay for their insurances. Then if we lapse for a certain due date it will affect our credit line. My friend who just got married two weeks ago she and her family lives in California told me that they have a bad credit personal loans with collateral for now. Though of course they are working on it but sometimes they falter some bills to pay in time. It was kind of hard for them out there, work is scarce and they already have a one year old baby and she stopped working for now.
Sometimes, when she think about what is going on their life  she felt depressed. But she told me that even though they felt hard up at this time many of her friends tried to help them like introducing them about bad credit loans with collateral and bad credit loans with no collateral.
Her husband is looking at it now and trying to understand how it goes. She told me that many of her friends had done these in one way or the other. And her husband is open to it because he feels that it was good opportunity for them to start up and also that people had the heart to give them hope and trust that they so really need for now.


Anonymous said…
Hi Manang Kim,
I Hope this link will help you to your loans.=)
Gennie Chan
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