Dining tables

Yesterday and today I felt not too good I guess because of the weather outside and though everything inside the house is cozy but still when I look outside the dreary weather makes my stamina feeling dry too. DH was out yesterday and today I don't know if he is shopping for this coming Valentines day or just visiting his brother who lives next house from us. Well whatever is he planning to buy I already told him not to buy anything except chocolates or card because I am already eyeing for a new Dining Room Tables for our patio project this coming spring.
I so love to have a new Dining Room Tables because our chairs outside are already broke! One time DH and I were at the backyard cleaning up branches and putting them in the fire pit when I set down to one of the bench it just crashed!! I almost broke my spinal column there I was so shocked and so ticked off! ^_^ I went inside the house and lay down. This summer my BIL's children and his grand children are coming, they could definitely use my new Dining Room Tables and for sure they would love it.


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