About time

I think it is about time to go somewhere I can see not white ground but greenery and beaches. I already felt the cabin fever, I so love to take a walk somewhere but it is just too cold and I don't want to go to a park alone it is kind of spooky and not safe. Last month hubby and I talked about going to Myrtle Beach Resorts because we heard about good stuff about the place. My step-son who got married last August and his wife went there for their honeymoon and they only have one word to say it is awesome.
He says he found Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts as awesome than the others because aside from the beach front they have a stunning golf course.I am so ready now to go to the  Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach because of the awesome words that is being said about the place. And besides I am so fed up with all this white ground all over us. What I do like is to be in the beach or in the golf course with hubby and just enjoy the winter with gusto. But not in the snow but in the beach.
I couldn't help but dream about this trip, I like to see the sunrise and the sunset down there and I know that in Myrtle Beach Resorts I could have what I want.  And as for me who love to photograph I couldn't wait to see beautiful greenery and blue skies and beaches. So here we come!!


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