In dilemma

The difference between here in US and in the Philippines is that generally we who live in US can't go easy without our car. We can't go fast to get in time to our work or any function that we gonna attend if we don't have cars. The first time I came here I was already ready to explore my area and I asked my DH where can I find a bus? I heard my DH laugh out loud and his eyes rolling, I said what's all about my question that it seems like it's a question that nobody hasn't heard for years!! DH told me that in order for me to go visit friends, or go to the mall I have to drive my car. 
So that was the beginning of my love affair with cars. I shed tears and got so nervous I thought I couldn't surpassed that ordeal. After I passed my driving test I immediately apply for a cash loan for car title and my friend who lives in California also took cash loan car title for her new car. I remember in the Philippines my brother didn't get a loan for his car because it was a second hand and it was not that too expensive. My friend who just got married last week told me that it does help them get a car title cash loans for her husband since it is a need not a luxury for them to go around and for work.  She said it's been sad that many people who lost their jobs also lost their cars. And what will you do if you don't have car here when it is the mean thing that you should have. So for me I would take care and love my car forever!


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