And eye for you

Yesterday hubby decided to get another desktop. His desktop is much more older than my laptop who just crashed. We were in this store as he was talking and browsing what to buy I was also browsing for cheap mini camcorders. I had one five years ago I love it so much because it was DH first Christmas present for me. But when I brought it to the Philippines and left it there for my family to used they didn't take good care it got broke. I was ashamed of what happened I didn't tell my DH right away. But since I can't keep a secret to my DH I did told him about what happened to my digicam. Thankfully he didn't say anything but for myself I am not going to give anything to my family back in Philippines they can live without any material things in tow. 
Anyway, I've found a cheap digicam that suit my style lol. I am set to get a new Hi8 Digital Camcorders for my birthday lol! It is not that  expensive and I like to bring it to the Philippines  this spring  so I can record my getaways and put it in dvd. Hubby told me to get the Best Digital Dvd Camcorder in town lol! But he knew I don't splurge to things without so much thinking. And when I decide to get this one I will be happy as a doll! ^_^


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