Save the date

Got an email from my cousin who lives in London telling me that  her wedding is fast approaching and she is kind of nervous, excited and happy! Every time I received and email from her I immediately call her because that is a signed that she is on distress call hahaha! And I am always right, every time we talked over the phone  I just listen to her and she talks and talks without thinking what time is it now lol! Remember she is in London and I am here in US talking about time management ^_^. Anyway, I asked her about whats going on with her wedding plan, is everything doing well. And she told me that everything works out right she already got her wedding invitations. Here wedding save the date cards are already out to friends and her cardstock are not in chaos everything is in perfect order.  Everything just turns out really well I said.  She thank me for all the advice that I gave to her. I remember I told her to just make life easy by ordering all she needs online and since she listen to me it makes her job easy. 


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