Explore Argentina

I was surfing the net and I stumbled this question and answer website so I joined in. I like Q and A portion because it challenge me as well as it also informed me in so many things that I didn't knew. One question there is this, list at least 5 countries that you like to visit and explore. Remember we have 5 continents so each continents I choose one country so in Latin America I choose Argentina!! Why Argentina because the en Turismo en Argentina is growing and they have such wonderful places in that country that people never had explore yet. And their Hoteles en Argentina, Hoteles en Buenos Aires and Hoteles en Bariloche are superb looking compare to what we always see here in US or other countries so far.   
That's why when I answered the Q and A on that website I knew what I am doing. This country Argentina has so much to offer not just the people around who are very hospitable but also the mountains and beaches are so welcoming not to include the food which is very palatable to my taste. 


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