Easy to haul

My BIL and his wife who lives in San Antonio, Texas are here in Michigan for almost 6 months now. The wife didn't like the idea of going down there because they live alone there with a big house. And besides her and his family are here in Michigan. We were talking about the weather and somebody asked them what they like better the warm or cold weather. My SIL said she likes cold weather better. We just laugh and think that they won't never leave Michigan again.
While we were in Kentucky he meet one of his son who came for the birthday party. And they were talking about hiring Heavy Haul Trucking for their belongings. His son said that he doesn't have to worry much because him and the other brother of his will going to pack the things and send it here to Michigan. After we came back from Kentucky my BIL was busy calling to his son to do the things that it has to be packed. They already put their house in the market and my BIL's wife is excited to get their belongings soon.


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