A test

Lately, Ive thinking of what I am going to enroll this fall. I know for sure I won't get a nursing course since it will take almost forever to study that degree and the cost is so high I don't want to end up pressuring myself to work just to pay for debts.
My SIL daughter in law just finished her social work degree and now she is preparing for her social work test. I know she will make it because she has an interest on this degree. It is a different story if you enroll in one course just because people do all take it because of the demand. And it is also different when you take a course if you are interested on it. 
On the other hand, my passion is photography and cooking. I love to take courses of this two. I just wonder if it is not that too expensive if I take short courses. But my SIL's daughter in law I could tell her passion on her course. That is why it was just easy on here to finished. Now she is preparing for the social work test I have only wish for her but to be able to pass with flying colors!!


jay said…
I think you should choose something which fires your passion. If you love photography and cooking, choose one of those! You will be so much more motivated to learn, and you will find it easier, too!

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