New lift

My DH sister is quite older than her. Few years ago she fell down and suffered a heart attacked. From that time on her son who lives in this huge house bring them in and they live in the first floor of their house. It was so cozy and for them it was just right. My SIL's daughter in law knew very much what to do to make her MIL not to do extra effort. So she told her not to be in so much hurry in going back and forth on that staircase. 
Last year after her bout of heart attacked she just fell down on the back stairs and for hours nobody discovered her. Thankfully she come back on her consciousness and was able to call her husband. So they rushed her to the hospital and it was then that the doctor advice them that she is going to have a stench. Her family agreed to have it and what is so sweet of her son is that he ordered and installed a stairlift from the first floor to the second floor of the house. It was so nice of her son and daughter in law to do it for them. It cost a lot I guess but her son is that loving and  caring like her.


Dhemz said…
super busy ata dito ah...ehehhee!

thanks sa dalaw teKim...agi lang pod ko dire!

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