Download music

It was a bummer when you're laptop that you had for almost 4 years just crashed and all your documents and photos, music, important websites are there is gone. Thankfully I remember that we already have an external drive that we can pull out our important documents, so I told the repair guy to do it for me. But the thing that I forgot to tell him is to transferred my music. To download music is not that hard as long as you have all the time and your internet connection is fast though I don't have a problem with that. But  the weekend is here and I am kind of busy soon. 
I kept on looking at my old laptop but just like that I can't do anything anymore. So my laptop that I've got now is what I am going to take care of that is why right now when I download music I see to it that it came from a very reliable source or else some viruses or malware or spyware anything like that will creep to my system and crashed my laptop again. That won't happen anymore!


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