Trucks on the go

I've been so thankful that my DH's son is the one who take care of plowing our driveway. Because if nobody take care of it me and my DH had no other choice but to shovel our pathway and driveway. Every time my step-son came to plow the snow, I just wonder how much power his truck could take amidst  the snow that piled up on the driveway and for the fact that it is not our driveway that he has to plowed but some other driveways too. The other day I noticed the mud flaps on his two rear tire was tore up. So I called hubby to tell his son that something is wrong on the back of his rear tires. So they immediately checked it out thankfully there is nothing wrong with it, he just had to buy another mud flaps.

Today, hubby drove our suburban to his brother's house because he says that he has to check on something on his truck. My DH's other son in law is into roofing and the other day while they are doing a quick job he almost got an accident because his van racks is also broke. Now that is very dangerous, because his ladders should be attached on top and if one rail is broken then it is very dangerous. One thing that I like the family of my DH is that they helped each other and if one person needs help everybody is there. So they told him to change his van racks immediately just like what my DH did to our truck he just change our truck racks because it was also broke and we need it as in ASAP specially when we are planning to do a road trip this spring and summer.  


Grabe talaga ang kapal nang yelo na bumabagsak galing langit dyan, lol. Ang hirap talaga mag shovel nang snow sa driveway. Back breaking talaga. Sana matapos na ang winter sa inyo at mag spring na para hindi na kayo mahirapan sa pagso shovel nang snow. Dito naman sa Pinas ay papainit na at padating na ang El Nino. Magkakaroon daw nang two hour rotating brownouts na baka twice a day pa, waaaaaah, kawawa na naman kami, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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