E - eggs

It's ABC Wednesday once again and the letter for this week is letter E! Two years ago my steps-son gave us 25 chickens. Among the 25 only one is a rooster and among the 24 one is my favorite and I named her Ester. As they grow I like my chickens watching them around our backyard. Our barn cat didn't had a hard time adjusting the environment ^_^ they became friends instantly. One of my chicken I called her Ester and she is my favorite. Every time she sees me in the porch she will ran towards me and followed me around. You see I love to talked to plants when I go to the barn I talked to the barn cats when I got my chickens I talked to them too. Seems like they can understand me though.
But one day hubby and I were out and I just noticed feathers on the ground. I immediately had a bad feeling, w checked the barn and the chicken coop I couldn't find a single chicken, I knew right then that  something is going on here. Hubby started to call them and here they are hiding from every nook and crannies....one by one they started to go out but when we counted 6 are gone. We later found out that our neighbors dog came and massacred the barn. It didn't happened once but thrice and one of the fatalitites is my Ester and my one and only rooster. I've never cried over an animal but I did when I found out that Ester and my rooster are gone and many others. So hubby decided to sent back the remaining 11 chickens to my step-son and it makes me so sad until now  -sniff-sniff Here are some of the eggs that I got from my chickens then. Wish they are still here with us!!
I didn't know that a homegrown eggs taste a lot better than the eggs that we bought from the grocery store.
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Spiderdama said…
I love eggs!:-) Great E.
Have a nice evening!
Sylvia K said…
Hmmm I love eggs, too! Great E for the day! Have a great week!

Anonymous said…
Such a shame that you couldn't do something about that dog. Over here in the UK dog owners have a responibility to keep their animals under control. Poor Ester - I agree, even chickens can become our pals. :)
Paula Scott said…
My favorite breakfast meal is a poached egg. And yes, a homegrown (or naturally grown egg) tastes soooo much better than store bought!
RuneE said…
Sadly, I have to settle for the bought variety.
photowannabe said…
How sad to have lost the chickens in such a violent manner. Fresh eggs are wonderful but sadly I too have to buy mine at the store.
♥Willa♥ said…
Nothing beats the taste of a fresh Eggs!
Thanks for visiting my ABC Wednesday:E as in Excellent
Tumblewords: said…
Sorry about your chickens. Hardly seems fair. It is true that fresh eggs are so much better than store bought.
January said…
Sorry to hear that Ate kawawa naman si Ester. Fresh homegrown eggs really taste good, I tried it at my hubby's province they have lots of native chicken there..

my abc is here..

E is for Energy
Jama said…
What a sad end to your chickens! we got our eggs and chicken from the store, no one rear chicken here.
Sarah-Paige said…
Yes fresh eggs really do beat store bought ones! Sorry to hear about your chickens :(
But glad you still have the cat to talk to :)
Tarun Mitra said…
sorry to hear about Ester..
But lovely eggs..I too clicked eggs..only they are of pigeons..:)
Just had bacon and eggs for my breakfast - shame you lost the chickens.
kat said…
waaaa.. kawawa naman si Ester and her sis and only bro.

well, i love all kinds of eggs..lolz.

mine is up now Manang Kim @ Mom's Place
jay said…
Poor Ester and her friends. Couldn't your neighbours keep their dog away? I'd have been so angry!
Kero said…
wow! i can eat one egg everyday!....i like them sunny side up as well pero well done ang yolk =)

hope we could exchange links, Manang Kim!

my entry is here http://thepinkzest.blogspot.com/2010/02/e-is-for-eggs-exhibit-entertainment.html
ShAKirA CHOONG said…
Looks pretty easy!
Good for you.
Mine is <a http://justmeshakirack.blogspot.com/2010/02/abc-wednesday-e-for-exceptional.html

So sorry to hear of the loss of you chickens and rooster. That would have bothered me too. Nice eggs though!
Sheila said…
It's ten years or more since I kept chickens but I still miss them. You are so right - the eggs are FAR better than shop bought ones.
Most of the food we eat is far removed from where it's grown or produced.
On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!- Ramblin' with Roger
Ann said…
some one should shoot the dog.

When I was about 14, mum kept rabbits. when they started multplying, we we thinking about the $$$$$ we would get.

One night, like the fate of your chickens, our rabbits were butchered.

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