Cheap textbooks

My step-daughter who was enrolled in one of our college community here told me that she didn't regretted her decision to come back to school. She took respiratory therapy and though it will take 15 weeks but from the time the class started she was enjoying it. I talked to her the other day and she encourage me to enroll this course besides it will only take 15 months and  the pay will be good if employed. I asked  her if the textbooks are affordable and she says that she could find cheap college textbooks anywhere. So many students who after they finished a course they gladly sell their used college textbooks which is a very good idea. To think that students could used it in good cause at the same time the students who are done using it can make money out from it.So she told me no worries on where to find cheap textbooks because it is every where specially if we look at it online. So I guess after my vacation in the Philippines this coming spring I will enroll in school. Back to school again!


fun4families said…
Great article~! I found another good one that explores all the options out there for saving money on the college textbook bill here: Article talks about renting, buy used, sharing, borrowing and online resources.. very informative.

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