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What I like in our house is that our master bathroom is big ^_^. When hubby renovated it I suggested him that I will be the one to paint the wall and I did, I was so proud of myself when I was done painting. The color every person who came to our house like the paint. But one thing that I was so wrong is not choosing the double bathroom vanities. I never thought at it at the beginning even after it was installed. It dawned on me when sometimes we are in a hurry, fixing our face and clothing that we bumped each other. And I don't like it. We have a half bathroom and DH could use it but if it is winter he doesn't like it there it is cold lol! I never thought bathroom vanities is very important in our busy lives. In the Philippines who cares, we shared everything what we have. But here in US we have to have our own space ^_^.That's why today I was browsing for a bathroom vanity clearance and I already have a crush on some. ^_^


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