Grandfather clocks

When I graduated 6th grade my father gave me a watch. I was so proud of it and I keep it as long as I could remember. I guess it quits on me so it was time to buy another one. I wished I did keep it just for a keepsake for my first watch, it would be an antique now lol!
Hubby and I traveled a lot and oftentimes when we get to a place like a hotel or museum or a restaurant what first caught my eyes is a grandfather clocks you see when I see one I am just drawn to it like a magnet. Then I stand in front of it and stare and just wonder how beautiful it is. When I see things that interest me I go beyond of that thing and that makes me wonder how many hands work on just one grandfather clock, and what is the story beyond it. Sometimes grandfather clocks as we see in some houses has particular stories, some could be dramatic and sweet, some are spooky. What reminds me of big grandfather clock is when they rung it sounds so lovely, forceful with command. Love to have those in our house if I could afford it but who knows time would tell. ^_^


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