Yesterday, early in the morning I immediately turn on my laptop to see what's going on with the world ^_^. But to my surprised  I can't start it. So I turn off then on but to no avail I knew there is something going on. After so many attempts and I am getting impatient already ^_^ hubby suggested we are going to bring my laptop to a computer repair shop which we did immediately. The man who checked my laptop told us if he found out something is wrong with the mother board and it would cost us more than $300 we'd better buy a new one. I've never heard such an honest business man that's why people like that computer repair shop.
So that is what I am also thinking what if it also would happen to us. Like for example in our daily activity we meet an injury specially when you live or visiting Hawaii what do you do? Can we find a good lawyer that is honest and can be trusted? My friend who lives in Honolulu says that because Hawaii is a place that people likes to do any physical activity everyday you should know a lawyer and she knew Honolulu Hawaii Injury Lawyer a very trusted and honest people. Which for her family they can depend on.


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