ABC Wednesday: C is for camera CANON

Before my Nikon d5000 was born last December 25,2009 I already had my Canon camera which I also love because it's canon, 2nd the color is so girly, 3rd very handy I can only slid it into my purse and voila I have a camera where ever I go.
But this picture was taken from my Nikon ^_^

For more ABC Wednesday photos visit it HERE


Sylvia K said…
Ah, we do love our cameras!! And a great word for the C day! Have a great day!

Love the color of this camera!
Willa said…
nice camera indeed, so why did you switch from Canon to Nikon for DSLR? :).Nevermind, I switch from Olympus to Canon myself. :D
Carolyn Ford said…
Oh dear! I use a Canon and didn't even think of it..duh! I really enjoy my Canon DSLR!
January said…
Good Switch! I had an Casio Exilim point and shoot camera too, I had it with me all the time before but my brother borrowed it (sigh!), anyway I had a switch too from Casio to Canon DSLR.

Happy ABC Wednesday!

C is for Concert
photowannabe said…
Its nice to have several cameras to use. Love the red color of your camera.
Tumblewords: said…
Perfect C! I love the color!
Jama said…
Mine is also a Canon!
Kero said…
oooh, you both have the best brands hehe.

i also have a sony cybershot in the color of pink. lolz!

my entry is here
Chie Wilks said…
that's an awesome camera...and i love the color..i agree, it is very girly

mine's up too
I love the idea of one camera photographing another in that interspecies way.
Ann said…
I like a camera that I can zoom it and take macro photos and birds so they don't fly away.

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