To rent or not..

Hubby and  I just arrived from Lexington, Kentucky. We didn't see much of Lexington aside from going to some restaurants to eat everyday together with his brother's family. We stayed at the hotel for three night and three days and the rate was fairly right. The area of the hotel is close to I-75 and it is surrounded with many hotels as well as some restaurants and big malls. We were eating our breakfast today and my BIL's son asked if we all like to go down south like Florida or Texas or any places in the country. Well, of course I like to travel but don't like to be stranded with bad weather though. So hubby told him we like to be travel down south and just get out from cold weather for a time being. He asked if we like to rent and apartment or just stay in a hotel. I answered him I like to rent an apartment but a short term since we of course would get back home when it is summer. For me renting an apartment is more practical I guess specially if they offer just a short term like one or two months. My BIL's son told us to look for an apartment ratings online so when the time we are ready to go the apartment is also ready for us to enjoy. That is very neat huh! 


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Kim. was at Rose's place noticed your callsign and busybody over.
Travelling is fun and you and hubby sure covering lots of territory, distance too.
Talking of weather, we had -19'c couple of days back. Today cool at -9'c.
You guys have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

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