Last Sunday while still in Lexington, Kentucky we went to visit the dormitory of my BIL's grandson. I was amazed by how beautiful their dormitory is. It was not so new building but it looks new. In one building it has several rooms and each room has four occupants, what amazes me is that each occupants has their own bathroom!! How cool is that! When we got there he let us come in to his bedroom and it was pretty neat for a bachelor's room ^_^. I could tell that he is a very nice guy because when he opened his closet I saw the neatly pile toiletries and all. I am thinking of my closet it was not that neatly piled up ^_^. Anyhow, when we came in to his place I noticed how beautiful there mailboxes, so I asked what kind it was and he told us that it's ecco mailboxes. 
So he showed us some of his friends ecco mailbox and they are all just awesome to look at. Some do look like vintage, some are funky and some are just gorgeous looking for a mailboxes. His is the ecco 4e mailbox

which is very neat like him. After looking at his dormitory he showed us the whole campus and the place was huge. We walked around and I do noticed that many do have  an ecco wall mount mailbox. And they look pretty neat by just looking at the road.


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