Look for termites

The other day my husband's family were talking about how many houses in our surrounding area are being foreclose. If you asked for the price of each houses now it is way down from what they pay for their house several years ago. My step-daughter who is in real estate told us that this is the time for those who has money in cash or hasn't purchase as house yet to buy a house now. For the fact, that the houses are cheap but also you can choose so many houses that you'd never expect you could own one. But she told us that be careful in choosing a house because some houses have  a  very good curb appeal but inside it is infested with termites. I was concern about our house because hubby and I used wood to heat our house in winter time and we gather everyday fire woods from the woodshed. I don't want to wake up one morning and find out that the house is already infested with termites so I suggested  him to read
getting a drywood termite colony out of your home 
thankfully because everybody is discussing about getting rid of termites and other critters that live in the attic or basement walls he agreed to my suggestion. Every time hubby brought woods inside the house I see to it that it would go immediately to the fire stove and not to be keep stack in front of the fire stove or else termites and other critters can infiltrate our walls and floors and that is so yucky.


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