Toaster oven guide..

Hubby was out today for Thursday family breakfast together but I opted to be at home doing my laundry. I was doing my laundry and fixing my breakfast when I noticed that our oven toaster is not functioning well. Oh gush...I burnt my bread and I am already very hungry I had to make another batched again. As I was  trying to figure out how am I not going to burned the bread I called my hubby immediately that we need to go shopping for toaster ovens. And that we have to know details about types of convection toaster ovens 
that we are going to purchase. This was not the first time that our toaster oven is acting like this and this  toaster oven is not our first either lol! Anyhow, hubby agreed that we are going to go shopping for toaster ovens today and that makes me happy because I am set to change our old dilapidated toaster oven for good.


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