Program duplicate file

I can't wait for spring then summer to come why? Because I would be out and explore the beauty of nature by taking lots and lots of pictures around in my area and might travel around Michigan too with my hubby of course. Around USA is much better but you know how this days economy is not doing well so why not explore locally. Since I do have two camera's now one is Canon and the other one is Nikon I noticed that every time I upload the pictures taken from the two cameras and they both have different software to put the pictures I noticed duplication. Because aside from the two software of the two cameras that I've got in my laptop the pictures will come out to my picture folder too and I think it  will make my memory capacity lessen. So I need to get rid of all duplication and found out this software program duplicate file could get rid of any duplication like photos, images, mp3 etc. how cool is that huh!! Being in the computer a lot sometimes I need to be a geek too and knowing that there are some cool software out there who does their job so well why not plunge in and avail the wonders of it. For now I would be happy to get rid of all the duplication and hoping to use the software from time to time.


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