Bench is what we need...

The last time I went to the Philippines was last May-June 2009. And every time I visited Philippines I always see to it that I brought bunches of old pictures with me. And today while hubby and I was watching tv I was also at the same time looking the old pictures. I saw  the pictures of my parents and nephew's grave  site and  I know it lacks of something. I figure it then that it needs a memorial bench for the people visiting and who pay their respect. That is what I also feel when we visit my MIL and FIL's grave site it need a memorial bench for us to stay there for awhile and just enjoy being there.
On the other hand, I am counting days for Spring to come. I know it will take more than 60 days for the Spring to come but thinking about Spring makes me happy. Because I can start planting flowers and veggies and seeing tiny buds of flowers and leaves is very inspiring after the dreary Winter months. This year I told my hubby to put up a good place for my flower garden. I told him I like to have a good space between the garden because I am going to place garden benches. I could already imagine myself doing my readings in the middle of my flower garden. That would be heavenly with me if my plan will push through this year. But I will try hard to make this plan realize. Crossing my fingers!!


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