Car Connection..

Just got home and a little bit exhausted. Been out since 9:00am and we got home around 4:00pm. First off, today is our family breakfast gathering and though not everybody was there but the oldies and the retired were there. My step-daughter just arrived from Florida arrived today and she was there at the family breakfast gathering and she showed us her new baby. Well this baby of hers is lexus rx 450h oh yeah pretty nice for a young lady who worked hard to get this one lol! I went inside and oh men it was magnificently awesome. The seats and everything inside is loaded ^_^. BUT if you have a family like my husband who is pretty large everybody is beating everybody who has the best car. My brother in law also told us his story about there new car chevrolet malibu whom they just bought after they had an accident last month. They drove from Texas to Michigan to come up here last Christmas and he told  us nothing could beat down  that car too. It was pretty sleak so nice to drive and I agree to that because when they arrived last month I drove it from their house to the store and back and I am amazed because the size is just right for me. 
After our family breakfast get together hubby and I went to the supermarket to get some groceries. We were in Interstate 75 highway and I saw my two dream car on the road Acura mdx   and GMC Acadia I don't know but  I've been smitten to this two cars and I don't know why though I am short but I like this kind of car. After shopping in the supermarket we went straight to the mall. We were in the food court when I saw again my dream car GMC Acadia displayed to everybody's eyes, gush I am truly smitten by this car it is like love at first sight  hehehe. Anyway, since hubby haven't seen this car that  close we come closer and read the gmc acadia specs he just nodded and told me that everything was really good and for that he understood why I love it! Crossing my finger,  I hope I have this car this year!!! -wink-wink-


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