I won I won!!

I was browsing my picture folder in my other computer and I found out the pictures that was taken on our honeymoon two months after our  wedding hehe! We were in St. Ignace in upper Peninsula, Michigan and hubby brought me to this huge place, a casino. Outside was very pretty and inside it was very huge. It was my first time to enter a casino and so my eyes are busy looking at the people observing what they are doing. Then hubby showed me the slot machine ^_^ he gave me $20 and he showed me how to punch the button. At first, I don't have any interest yet, until my credits go up and up. Hubby asked me if I like to continue playing I told him I like to do the Wheel of Fortune. So we transfer to a different machine I punched the button and I hit something that says SPIN so I spin and all of a sudden the light above my machine lighted. I just won $500!! I didn't know what's going on hubby told me not to move from where I was seated and this guy came and gave me something. Hubby told me I won $500 I was grinning I wanted to go back to the hotel right away but hubby asked me to punched the button once again and this time I hit $200!! Hahahaha I was richer by $700  that evening  I was very happy I guess the first timer luck is with me. That is why I like to try online casino because who knows the first timer luck will be with  me once again ^_^


Clarissa said…
Lucky you my dear!!I haven't tried going into casino and playing games.I bet it's fun(lalo na pag marami kang dalang pera!)^_^

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