Costa Rica resorts

One of my favorite show is  travel channel and I see to it that every time there is a show featuring about  vacations specially costa rica resorts I'm in front of the tv glued to what they feature. I am always fascinated of that country I guess because the people are pretty and the resorts are to die for. Hubby arrived this afternoon and I was in front of the tv still watching the show and he asked me what if we gonna planned for a costa rica resorts vacation. I jump from where I seated right away and hugged him.
It's my wished to get out from this wintery weather and I am so aching to be in a warm country soaking the warmth of the sun. Hubby is looking for a good deal now and hopefully he could find  the best for us two so we will enjoy our winter down south. I am so excited for now and I can't wait to hear him say off we go!!


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