Lipo the way to go!!

Our neighbor live across the road visited us yesterday. Her husband passed away four months ago and still she is grieving since she live alone in their big house. Thankfully, she had several kids who live not very far from her so oftentimes her kids visited her every weekend. I was kind of worried of her every time I look at her house because she live alone. Specially now that it is winter and snow keeps on falling it is kind of hard to go across the road to checked on  her but she told us that she is okay because people kept her busy on the phone answering if she is okay or if she needs something. She also likes to read and cook and some friends and relatives dropped by to visit her too. And yesterday, she came by to tell us that she will be gone for two months to go down south for a Liposuction isn't it great!! I am so excited of her I knew her confidence will perk up after doing it. I told her to not to worry I will take care of her post mail just enjoy!!


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