Cheap tickets...

After Christmas season I am looking forward to  celebrate Valentines day, for a very obvious reason that day  is for lovers. ^_^. The other day I told  hubby that the Taylor Swift tickets is already available for purchase and it will be held at the Palace of Auburn Hills which is not very far from us. And that is what I like for my Valentines gift hehehe! He only answered really?? Hmmm let me see...oh well I know him..he likes surprises -wink-.
Hubby was in the computer after I told him about Taylor Swift concert and he told me while he was browsing around he found out what he gonna give to his nephews and nieces for post Christmas gift. He was looking for Bradley Center Tickets and Raymond James Stadium tickets since both of this places his nephews and nieces are studying near that area. I bet if they receive the tickets from their Uncle they will love him forever lol!!


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