Y is for: YOU

Before YOU read my post listen to this music first from the Carpenters. I love this song and I love to dedicate this to my one and the only DH. Last December 30 is our wedding anniversary and he gave me this card, the words touches my heart ....

 On our Anniversary

When I met YOU,
I had no idea
how much my life
was about to changed....
but then, how could I have known?
A love  like ours happens once in a lifetime.
YOU were a miracle to me,
the one who was everything
I had ever dreamed of,
 the one I thought existed 
only in my imagination.
And when YOU came into my life,
I realized
that what I had always thought
was happiness
couldn't compare the joy 
loving you brought me.
YOU are a part of everything
I think and do and feel,
and with YOU by my side,
I believe that anything is possible.
YOU are, and always will be,
the love of my life.

My heart dances with joy!!

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Hood Photo Blog said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog to comment. Happy New Year!
Own Carpenters greatest hits, but don't know THAT one. Congrats to both of YOU.
Sylvia K said…
Congratulations -- to both of you! Lovely post! Know the song well!


Spiderdama said…
Congratulations! Great song:-)
Wish you a nice evening!
Carol said…
Nice song...Happy Anniversary.
Reader Wil said…
Happy belated anniversary! What a great card you got from your husband! Happy New Year together with the family.
Paula Scott said…
You did a great job on this remarkable post! Happy anniversary to you and DH.
You picked a great song too!
Clarissa said…
Same here--I love the song YOU of Carpenters!!Gosh,kinilig ako after hearing again the song lalo na sa card na bigay ni hubby mo!!\(^0^)/

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband,Ate Kim!Wishing you all the best and a Blissful 2010!!^_^
Tumblewords: said…
Wonderful, wonderful! Happy 2010 to you!
Happy anniversary, I also do not know this particular piece of Carpenter. Thanks for sharing.
Beverley Baird said…
What a beautiful poem about love!
A great Y post! Love the music as well!
Happy New Year!
photowannabe said…
Beautiful card with wonderful words. My heart dances with joy. I love that line.
Shirl said…
Hi thanks for stopping by, I'm still making my Blue Monday visits. CUte post, Happy Anniversary!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage
Jama said…
I grew up listening to The Carpenters! love this song.
LEN said…
wow kakainlove naman
Rose said…
I loved the Carpenters! Congratulations on your anniversary--such a lovely poem from your husband!
RuneE said…
Much better to use a word like You than a word like ME...
Happy Wedding Anniversary Kim. The dedication on the card that your husband gave you was very touching indeed. He really loves you very much for you are indeed very lovable. I hope and pray that your relationship will last a lifetime and beyond, full of joy and caring. Thanks for the touching post. God bless you all always.
Quilt Works said…
Happy New year! It sounds like you have a wonderful start to the year!

... Under the rainbow

Hope you will have a chance to tag visit too!
marykay said…
Hi Kim, Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary. When you have a list of qualities you want your husband to have, once you meet that person you know it. Husbands come in many packages and yours just happens to be very good to you. Some people aren't picky enough I've noticed, and that leaves them a lifetime of unhappiness. I was very picky too and so proud to say I have a husband who spoils me as well. Its not about spoiling you either, its his inner soul that makes him love you so much that he tries to do everything he can for you. Doesnt control you and just supports who you are. I've scrolled down, very sweet card; very nice camera; very nice shoes; looks so very cold in your place; love the Carpenters, they don't make music like that anymore unfortunately but I have my Karaoke songs of the carpenters too. haha! I have to find a 3 section template like your blog. I like it!
Dhemz said…
ayay, super belated teKim....happy Anniversary! way to go...:)

wow makahilak man sad ta ani nga post woi...ehehhehe!

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