My new Dslr Camera

Before hubby went to do some shopping before Christmas day he was surfing over the internet for a good buy. He is the kind of person who do some surfing first, comparing prices before going to the store itself. He found out that Sams club has a good price for digital cameras. I already had my canon 10mp but he was thinking of getting me a big one with good lenses since he observed that it's the only one thing that I used often and I would be happy to get for Christmas. When he was looking for digital SLR cameras at the website of Sams club he knew what he is going to get. And so last Christmas day I got my  present my hubby kept it  for the whole night and day.


Rossel said…
ganda naman ate kim. mapapadalas lalo pagpicture mo nyan. ehehe!

happy new year!
Clarissa said…
Weee!!Congrats to your new toy,Ate Kim!!Hanggang tingin na lang ako tapos sabay tulo ng laway lol!!\(^0^)/Sweet ni hubby mo!!

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